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The Haïdouti Orkestar is a Balkan brass band created in 2004 in Paris by the drummer-percussionist Sylvain Dupuis. The band's name is originally rooted from the bulgarian: the ‘Haïdoutines’ refers to brigands with brave hearts, kind of balkanic's Robin Wood fighting against the Ottoman Empire.

The band's founder, an ethnomusiclogist's training and world-music passionate, brought together the Bulgarian Krassen Lutzkanov (Kaval, saxophone) and the Serbian Gypsy Jasko Ramic (accordion) as well as Yann Martin and Martin Saccardy (trumpet) and Gaël Fajeau (sousaphone) into the brass section. Furthermore, the French-Libanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf comes regularly to bring its color on many albums and live of the Orkestar, coming along with many other world-renown jazz players such as Didier Malherbe and Nicolas Genest.

The singularity of the Haïdouti Orkestar is strengthened with the turkish singer Zeki Ayad Çölaş arrival, of whom we can already hear the voice in 2007 on "Balkan Heroes" the first Haïdouti Orkestar's album. With the newcomer, the project gathers itself around the common desire to build bridges between Turkish and Balkan music.

The third album titled ‘Dogu’, released in 2012 broadens its borders further East, seeking the repertoires of Azeri, Kurdi, Syrian-Lebanase and Armenian music, and confirms all the originality and vivacity of the Haïdouti Orkestar. This album enjoys an excellent critical reception and receive the honor from the famous french cultural newspaper Télérama: ‘More oriental than ever, their brassy melting pot is adorned with extraordinary lyrical colors, often languorous, sometimes melancholic, which bring out the beautiful guttural timbre of Zéki Ayad Çölas.’

Haïdouti's repertoire evolves over the years. Henceforth, composition emphasizes its will to blend tradition and modernity as much as East and West influences. Indeed, the Haïdouti was the first band to cover, in a brass version, the famous song from the Kurdish singer Sivan Perwer: ‘Cane cane’ (in Dogu). Idem for 'Bint el Chalabiya', Fairuz monument song, brilliantly revisited by the orchestra. Like ‘Duchmanya’, this traditional macedonian title sung by Ibrahim Tatlises that became ’brassy’ once passed to the crank of the Orkestar.

2016, the troop was invited by Ibrahim Maalouf to record the original soundtrack of the french movie ‘La Vache’ ('The Cow'), directed by Mohamed Hamidi, in which Lambert Wilson and Jamel Debbouze (french comedian and humorist) share the poster together. The movie is a success, making more than 3 million entrance in France and spreading all over Europe, Latin America and Canada. Thanks to this exposure, the orchestra is invited to play at the Closing Ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival 2016 and blows the Palais des Festivals away by its communicative energy and powerful music.

It is in this continuity that ‘Babel Connexion’ – their fourth studio album – will be released on April 28th, 2017 via Tchekchouka/L’Autre Distribution in which we’ll find a committed rapper with Rouda (Le Vieux Bateau de Bois); a tribute to women, and particularly towards Kurdish, sung by Edika Gunduz (Keçe Kurdan); ethnic jazz with the pianist Bojan Z (Tchagri), & the trumpeter Nicolas Genest (Saalouni Nas) as well as Congolese guitar with Olivier Tshimanga (Mala Paprika)… And for the first time, french songs brilliantly interpreted by Zeki Ayad Çölas.

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