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Arash Sarkechik is not only a multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter but a unique 21st century musician trained in classical music and jazz. His collaboration with producer and oud player Smadj has revealed a first album bursting with luminous, personal and moving songs. Handpicked musicians have heeded the call in making this album, all founding the tapestry of this boundless and borderless world. His music is a clear reflection of countless musical journeys. A humble and subtle embrace of Eastern culture and blues which open the way for unchartered territory.

Arash is at home on stage and invites his audience into his personal world. His shows are markedly intimate with one guitar, vocals and a loop station which build a open door atmosphere for his audience. Arash sings songs that whisper deep into the listeners’ears and tell vivid stories brimming with poetry. Here and there a musician might join him on the journey but more often than not you’ll find him with his heart laid bare and his voice enchanting his audiences up close. His repertoire tells of a troubled world, albeit careful not to depict a pitiful one, but a place viewed from a poetical angle with a philosophical step back. His songs reveal an inspired and inspiring songwriter with a voice that longs to come out of the shadows and welcome us into the heart of a rich and passionate voyage.

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